Friday, September 28, 2012

Salmon fishing in Wyoming?

You don't need to travel all the way to Alaska to catch salmon. Kokanee salmon can be caught on the fly in Wyoming lakes. The spawning fish turn bright orange in the fall and school up close to shore within easy casting distance.
I caught at least 20 today on a woolly bugger from shore. They gave a decent fight and are just incredible looking. I wouldn't be surprised if they glow in the dark under tonight's harvest moon.
It's not quite Alaska, but it's a lot shorter trip.

Juneau, Alaska, pink salmon fishing video at last

My Flip camera mysteriously stopped working the one day I wanted to shoot some video of salmon fishing in Alaska back in July. Luckily, Kristina's boyfriend Joey was with me and had a smart phone that could shoot some video.
I told him to get ready because I was fixin' to catch a salmon that cast, and I did. He didn't start  shooting after I hooked up but got most of the fight. The pink salmon turned out to be probably the smallest fish of the trip, but all salmon fight hard. Check it out.