Monday, October 17, 2016

Night fishing: coyotes, moonlight and browns

When it comes to night fishing, I don't mind being kept in the dark.
Some of my favorite fishing has been after the sun went down. When I was a kid, my dad would take me out on a boat to fish for crappie, bass, bullheads and whatever else would bite in the dark. This summer, I spent several pleasant evenings fishing off my friends' dock, talking, drinking and reeling in the occasional fish.
Last week, I pursued reports that big brown trout were coming in close to shore at a nearby lake once the sun went down. We were lucky with the weather - no wind, temps in the 40s, and a Hunter's Moon to illuminate the scene.
A pack of coyotes howled to our left, answered by other songdogs serenading to our right. And the browns were hitting wooly buggers, tearing line off the reel on long runs into the darkness.
We wondered where these fish go in the daylight, when they seem to disappear from the lake. In this case, the answer reminded me of a line from a book: "Life begins at dark."