Thursday, September 12, 2013

Return to Alaska: Fishing is still great

I returned to Juneau this July, taking my son Dave and friend Jan to sample Alaska's outdoors. We were not disappointed.
This year, I focused more on stream fishing, particularly for Dolly Varden char. Drifting bead eggs through schools of spawning chum salmon in Sheep Creek, Jan and I caught dozens of Dollies when we could avoid the surly chums. The Dollies weren't trophies, but were big enough to give a good fight in moving water.
On Cowee Creek, we fished with Humpy Hooker streamers for pink salmon and had a ball catching 5-8 pounders. Bear sign was everywhere - tracks in the sand along the creek and scat all over the trails - but we didn't run into any bruins. Jan lost his salmon virginity on our first afternoon at Cowee.
Here's a video of pink salmon in Echo Cove:

Here's another video of Dave landing a pink: